Monday, July 24, 2017

I Was Tempted Over The Weekend

Over the weekend I was tempted to buy:

- a pair of Naturalizer Loafers for me using their 50% off sale

-  a Groupon using a $10. Coupon Code

- to pick up a 6 pack of ice cream sandwiches for $ 9.99 at Anderson's on my way home from filling up the SUV with discounted gasoline

- use a 30% off coupon at Rite Aid online

- to purchase a $25.00 Chili's and $25.00 AMC giftcards for $ 18.99 each at B.J.'s online

- a 2 pack of toner cartridges for our laser printer for $ 12.88 at Amazon

- 2 packs of English Muffins

- 1 lb. of Hoosier Hill Farms Heavy Cream Powder 

Did I? Let's take a look:

- The Naturalizer loafers would have cost me over $50. after 50% off. I already have a pair of navy ones that will last a few more years. Plus I have 2 pairs of flat shoes in my closet that I haven't even worn yet. So in this case it wasn't worth spending the $50.+

- No, on the Groupon because I have 5 Groupons that I haven't even used yet.

- I decided it was not worth spending my savings on gasoline on ice cream sandwiches. Besides sugar is not a good thing even though it tastes so good.

- There was nothing I needed at Rite Aid to make good use of the 30% off coupon so I deleted the e-mail I received offering it.

- The B.J.s giftcards were a great deal if you needed them. Our Chili's and AMC is at least 30 minutes away. Not worth the drive plus we don't really like Chili's food. We don't go to the movies. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime so that is how we watch our movies. I momentarily thought about purchasing them as gifts but decided the giftees probably would not use them either.

-  The 2 pack of toners was a great deal. However I had just purchased 2 toners for our printer about a month or so ago. Toners usually only have a shelf life of 12 months so it was not a good deal for us. 

- The English muffins are on sale for B1G1F this week. We love to make different egg, cheese, bacon, ham or sausage McMuffins for breakfasts. But I am determined to make all of our bread products so they got crossed off my grocery list. I will make English Muffin bread instead. Checking my freezer before I shop also showed me that I have one package to use up. Instead I will use that money to buy more sausage for our Sunday family breakfasts. 

- The heavy cream powder was 1 lb. for $ 4.98. Hubby uses store bought creamers which cost me $ 2.98 when there are no coupons. I use the flavored syrups and milk. This creamer had good ratings and would replace Hubby's creamers. This is a cheaper option and if it is good could also be used in baking, etc. It is a low carb option for us. So I added it to my next subscribe and save delivery from Amazon. At this price, it is worth trying it.

Bottom line is that we are always tempted with buying things. It happens to me and it happens to you. We scrutinize each purchase to make sure we are spending our money wisely. If we didn't, I would have spent a lot of unnecessary money this weekend.  I estimate that I would have spent $ 143.00.

Purchasing without thinking is very easy especially when you whip out the credit card to pay for it. We use our two rewards credit cards to pay for everything since we pay the bills in full each month. We do this to earn cash back. If you can't pay the bill in full every month, then don't charge anything. The interest you pay negates your savings. 

I have seen too many people think it is only $5.00, $10.00, or $25.00 so they will buy "many items" this month. Before you know it the credit card bill is huge and there is no way they can pay it in full. So they pay interest and this continues month after month. This is how people get into serious credit card debt. Why pay all that interest every month when you can just scrutinize your list of items and see if you really need them? 

We keep a little notebook and write down anything that we are thinking about buying. That list usually has the larger items on it. We don't have to think long on the small items. If we still think we need an item after a week or two, then we will buy it. Ninety nine percent of the time, the item gets crossed off our list. Two weeks ago it was a necessity but not now. Just using this small tool has saved us a fortune over the years.

The way we have always looked at credit cards is that if we can't pay the bill in full every month, then we can't afford whatever we are looking at buying. We never wanted to be in the position of spending our monthly income before we even earned it. We never wanted to PAY interest to credit card companies. We wanted our money to EARN interest for ourselves. 

So the next time you are thinking about buying something ask yourself, do we really need it? Can I pay the bill in full when it comes this month? Rather than buy this item, is there a substitute that I can use? Will I still need or want this item two weeks from now?

We are tempted every day because of advertising. That is why TV was invented. Did you think it was for your viewing pleasure? Nope, it is all about making money. That is one of the reasons we watch very little television in this household. We don't need to be told we need these things. We want an advertisement free space around us.  

Just taking a little time to think about what you are buying will save you a lot of money. Money that can be used for your important goals and to reach retirement someday. So put on those thinking caps the next time you are planning a purchase. 


  1. Excellent post! Saving money doesn't always equate to actual savings when it still costs you money you can't afford or when you don't actually need the item in question.

  2. You are definitely right on the impact of advertising, as well as the value perceived in deals, even if we don't really need anything. I try to work through this myself, but definitely have spurts where my motivation is less & I fall off the path. July has been a good example of this. :-)

    Nice work staying the course!

    1. Hi Hawaii Planner,

      Thanks. We all have those moments. I just try to stay the course.