Monday, July 17, 2017

June Expense Report

This is every penny that we spent in June 2017. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in comments.

Groceries                   $  467.81
Restaurant-Takeout        201.14 
Household Goods           189.27
Gasoline                        101.30
Medical                          540.10
Beer                                11.87
Netflix                               9.99 
Alarm Monitoring              30.90
Gas & Electric                 135.33
CableTV,Int. Tel.              138.20
Gifts                               124.94 
Entertainment                 146.00
Personal Care                    78.07
Yard Maintenance             390.00
Water & Sewer                   47.37

Total Expenses             $ 2612.29

Groceries were high this month because we had lots of company eat this us and stay with us.

Restaurant and Take Out was a meal for us and some outings while my granddaughter was here.

Household Goods was 2 toner cartridges for our printer which are cheaper when you buy them in 2's. We also purchased batteries for the cellphones and other items, car mirrors and a massager, etc.

Gasoline was high because of our trip to Albany for my granddaughter's birthday and some day outings with her while she was here.

Medical was health insurance, prescriptions and some co-pays for doctor appointments.

The gas and electric bill was very low considering we used both heat and A/C during that period.

Entertainment was for outings with my granddaughter such as the zoo and aquarium.

Personal care was my haircut and some body wash, floss and toothpaste.

Yard Maintenance is a monthly cost during the summer.

Water and sewer was low and is billed quarterly.

Considering all the extra people we fed and took care of, we were happy with these expenses.  

But the best part is that we were able to save and invest $7500. this month due to higher quarterly income. So we have now saved and $ 34,000. in 6 months for the year. We are very happy with this total.

I hope to have the July expense report out on time now that I am home. 

Although I am very tired from helping out in Albany last week, it feels good to be back blogging.    


  1. It is always nice to see someone else who believes in taking charge of their money. So many people let money rule them instead. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast and was very pleased that my electric bills was almost identical to yours.
    Glad you are safely home and back to blogging.

    1. Hi Florence,

      Thanks so much. I found years ago the only way to take charge is to track it and see where I can cut. Yeah on your electric bill.

  2. HI AD. It's Linda.
    So glad you are back home and blogging. I also believe in taking charge of our money. Thank you for the constant tips.