Thursday, July 27, 2017

This Week's Groceries

I have been trying to only go grocery shopping once a week. So here is this week's Top's haul:

3 Reduced Sugar Craisins - $1.00 each

3 pints of Blueberries - $ 5.97 for all 3

3 lbs. of Strawberries - $ 5.97 for all 3

1 Hellman's Mayonaise - $ 2.88

1 dozen Eggs - $ .29

1 Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches - $ 3.99

2 SF International Creamer - $ 1.99 each

1 Crowley's Cottage Cheese - $ 2.50

1 SF Cool Whip - $ 2.00

1 Simply Potatoes- Hash Browns - $ 2.99

2 Healthy Choice Thin Sliced Ham and Turkey - on sale B1G1F - Both for $ 4.99

2 Smithfield Ham Steaks on B1G1F - $ 2.59 for both

1 Baby Carrots - $ 1.00

1 Celery - $ 1.00

1 Coleslaw Mix - $ 1.00

Total was $ 44.15. These prices shown are after manufacturers and store coupons.

We use the Craisins in turkey and chicken salad. Occasionally I put them in homemade granola. Most of the blueberries and strawberries will be frozen for winter. One container of strawberries will be used on cereal and for snacks. One container of blueberries will be used in muffins or pancakes.

We are on our last jar of mayo and this was a good price. I am always buying eggs since we go through a lot of them for Sunday breakfasts. The ice cream sandwiches are our treat this week.

I could not resist buying SF Pumpkin Spice creamers when I saw them back in our market. They will last until our next Amazon Subscribe and Save order of the cream powder comes. The cottage cheese with diced tomatoes will be a lunch for us. The SF Cool Whip is to use on strawberries, SF puddings, and jello.

The hash browns and one ham slice (diced) will be used in the Breakfast Pizza that I am making for Sunday morning. The cold cuts will be put in Chef's salads and used for lunchtime sandwiches. 

All of the produce was necessary and will be used for various things. Hubby makes a Waldorf coleslaw salad that is so delicious.

I have so much food in the house that I am not sure that I will even bother to shop next week. The only thing that would get me out of the house to do it is a great meat sale.

So did you get any great bargains this week?