Saturday, August 12, 2017

How many of you have ordered from this company? Have you had your order delivered as promised?

I ordered from them for the first time in July because they had a few things that I needed and they had given me a $5.00 credit plus free shipping. I ordered 10 items so they charged me $5.00.

After waiting about 14 days, I noticed that the tracking ended with Fed Ex passing the package off to USPS. I waited 3 days to have it delivered to me. It did not show and seemed to be in limbo in the tracking system. 

I called the post office who informed me they did not have the package. So I called Hollar and spoke to a service rep in the Philippines. He was extremely rude and informed me I had to wait longer. When I told him that the post office did not have the package, he promised to contact the post office to confirm and call me within and hour. Well, that never happened after I gave him two days to call me back. 

I was just about to give up and take the $ 5.00 loss because it was not worth my time to continue. But I decided that I would send them an e-mail and inform them that I wanted a credit of $ 5.00 returned to my charge card. 

This morning I had an e-mail from a rep who informed me that they had credited me the $5.00 but it would take 3-5 days to show up on my card.  

They also informed me that they had credited me back the $5.00 credit that they initially gave me so I could use it on my next order. Next order? There will not be one!

I will follow up and make sure that I get the $ 5.00 credit on my charge which I may not see. But never will I deal with these people again.

After doing some research which I should have done before I ordered, I am seeing that there are all kinds of problems that people are having with them. So buyer beware! 


  1. I'm sorry you had trouble. I ordered once from Hollar, a small order. It came on time and I liked my items but I've not placed any more orders.

  2. I've never heard of them but appreciate the heads up. I will stay clear of them!

  3. I ordered from them one time about a year ago. I had a coupon code and free shipping so was able to get some small items very inexpensively for my daughter's Christmas gift. I didn't have any issues with delivery, etc. However, I have not ordered from them since as I too read a lot of the reviews (after I had placed my order) and don't want to chance it.

  4. My daughter ordered a few Christmas presents from there and they arrived without incident. I hope yours gets resolved.