Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July 2017 Expense Report

This is every penny that we spent during the month of July. 

Groceries                   $305.28

Rest.,Takeout               226.71

Household Goods         162.25

Gasoline                      129.10

Medical                       421.83

Netflix                            9.99

Alarm Monitoring           30.90

Gas and Electric            95.74

CableTV,Int.,Tele.         138.20

Gifts                           167.81

Entertainment             931.50

Personal Care              165.06

Yard Maintenance        320.00

Tolls -EZ Pass               25.00

Wine                           14.14

Flowers                      157.68

Total                       $ 3301.19 

It was not a bad month for groceries considering we had my granddaughter and other company during the month.  Restaurant and take out was high for the same reasons. 

Household goods was for a surprise larger capacity steamer for Hubby. The poor guy used a steamer that only held 4 gallons of water to steam our shower while I was in Albany. It took him many days. The new one will only take a couple of hours. It also included items that were not food, but things like toothpaste, toilet paper, vitamins, etc.

Gasoline was high because of our visit to Albany for our granddaughter's 10th birthday and trips to take her to the zoo and aquarium and elsewhere.

Medical was our insurance, a doctor's visit and some prescriptions.

Our gas and electric was low considering we have had the A/C on.

The new price for cable TV, internet and telephone goes into effect on the current bill and will be paid in August. This is the lower bill for last month that was paid in July.

Gifts were for two items for family. Entertainment is high because of the zoo and aquarium and other small expenses to entertain my granddaughter while she was here. This also includes $804.00 for my flights and hopper pass for the week at Disney World this coming January.

Personal care was for hair salon appointments for myself and my granddaughter for our anniversary celebration and some makeup.

Yard maintenance is for the landscape company doing the July weeding, trimming and anything else that has to be done. This is not the same every month because we sometimes order more services.

Tolls is for EZ pass. When we travel and use tolls they just automatically add $25.00 to our account when it gets low. 

Wine was for dinner stock replenishment. Flowers was a beautiful bouquet of roses and lilies that Hubby sent me for our anniversary.

It was not a bad month considering company and the payment for the Disney trip items.

We are not adding any money to savings this month. Instead we are holding the money to pay our hefty school tax bill in September and another item coming up in the future. Otherwise we would just take those items out of our savings but once we put money into savings, we hate to take it out. So we take the taxes out of current money. 

I hope you all did well in July. 


  1. Even with the high entertainment budget, those are good numbers for July!

    We stayed mostly on track as well. A few overages (groceries - lots of house guests), but did extremely well on eating out, which was a focus area for all of the entertaining. I need to do a full budget wrap up - thanks for the reminder! :-)

    1. Hi Hawaii Planner,

      Thanks. You are welcome. We will be reviewing our budget.