Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Expense Report

After the huge spending month in January, I am happy to see this lower one in February. This is every penny we spent this month. If there is something you don't see, it is HERE . 

Gas and Electric              $   210.13

CableTV, Tel., Int.                 138.34

Alarm Monitoring                   30.90

Netflix                                    9.99

Household Goods                 287.43

Groceries                            187.14

Gasoline                               22.90

Car Wash                               8.00

Clothing                               62.21

Rest&Take-Out                     45.50

Liquor                                 28.07

Medical                              380.51

Personal Care                     105.00

Gifts                                    61.68

Total Expenses                $1577.80 

Household goods this month was a couple of kitchen and bathroom organizers, glass containers for leftovers, a keyboard, microfiber cloths, light bulbs, silicone sealer, and foodsaver bag rolls, etc.

Groceries was low because we are eating from the pantry and freezers.

I purchased 3 pairs of shoes for me from DSW on clearance this month. I now have a pair of black flats so that I don't have to borrow them from my DIL. I also got a pair of red flats and a pair of loafers.

Restaurants and take out was submarines( $2.00 after using a gift card and trying a new sub place)  and frozen yogurt. We went out with our family to Applebee's but that was all paid with a giftcard I got a deal on last year. We also had a couple of Burger King lunches also paid with a giftcard gotten on a deal last year.

Liquor was to replenish Hubby's Southern Comfort.

Medical was our health insurance, 4 prescriptions co-pays, and 1 doctor appointment co-pay. It was a good month because of very few appointments.

Personal care was haircuts for us and color for me.

Gifts were for Valentines Day and another occasion.

It was a very good month so we were able to invest $5,000. into our index funds.

Did you keep your spending low this month and invest some money or pay off debt?

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Most Important Goal Since We Have Retired

We had a wonderful relaxing weekend with our son and granddaughter. With the exception of going out to dinner on Friday night and out for frozen yogurt on Saturday, we had a quiet weekend chatting and spending time with each other. My granddaughter is such a joy and has grown into quite the young lady.

Now back to business. You all know that Hubby and I have had many goals in our lives including buying 4 homes, paying for Hubby to get two advanced degrees, putting our sons through private junior high and high school and college, moving cross country twice, owning income property, retiring early, and now saving an estate for our children and grandchildren.

Well one of the most important goals that we have ever considered appeared on our radar this past weekend. Our granddaughter told us that she wants to go to a private all girls' school starting in September 2018 entering 6th grade. Her parents took her a year early to an open house there so that could she see if she would like it. Both she and her parents were very impressed with the education that she can obtain there and the fact that class sizes are very small. I was thrilled because it is the sister school to the private all boys school that my boys attended. I know a lot about it and I actually helped out a friend for a few months by working there. There are a few other private schools that they are looking at but I have a deep feeling that this one that I am talking about will be their choice.  

The school she is in right now is in an excellent school district however the class sizes are huge. They are way too big for one teacher to handle.  The school does not individualize for each student because they just can't with 26 students in a class. The middle school is very large and they have a drug problem. My son wants to get her out of this district before she enters middle school. I am in 100% agreement with this.

Class sizes for the private school are about 10-12 and they individualize the education to each student. My granddaughter is way ahead of her grade level so this will greatly benefit her.

However this private school is very expensive. The tuition this year is about $15,000. plus uniforms, etc.
She would have no busing but I do believe the public school district has to provide some textbooks. The tuition costs more for each year as you get older. Right now the tuition escalates to about $17,500. for grades 9-12 plus fees and uniforms. That being said, the tuition rises every year. So by the time she enters, it could be $16,000. or more for 6th grade.

My son and daughter in law will do whatever it takes for her to be educated there. There is no doubt in my mind. We told my son this week that when they make their decision let us know. We will help as much as we can. This would be a 6 year commitment for us. We have not told them how much we would help but we have a percentage in mind.

So we need to start saving for that goal immediately. We do have money that we could use now but that would raid accounts that we have set up for other purposes. So we need to start a new account just for her education at this school.

Hence we will be starting to save for this goal on March 1st. This is going to take every bit of saving that we can master. Our thinking will change on everything. Every penny will be scrutinized and pinched until it complains.

I will be looking at every new way to save that I possibly can. We will spend only on the necessities that we deem we need. We will wear our clothes and shoes out before buying more. There will be a spending fast on most everything. I will be spending no more than $30. a week on groceries while eating down our freezers, refrigerator and pantries. We will get creative while using up that food. We will make a list of our needs and stick to it. The only eating out or take out will be with the gift cards that I purchased last year.

We are going to just stop buying things on our spending fast. Non food products will be doctored to last longer so that we can cut the cost for those. Everything that can be made from scratch will be. We will cut out what we feel is non-essential.

In other words, every expense will be looked at and eliminated if not a necessity to us.

So look for posts regarding how we are doing this starting March 1st. Join us if you have a very important goal that you want or need to save for. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Happy Sunday

After 10 days of glorious warm early Spring, this is what we woke up to this morning. My family is still here and we are having a wonderful time. I am off to watch cartoons with my granddaughter. 

I have a surprise post that is very exciting to me planned for tomorrow. See you all then.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Frugality The Past Few Weeks

It's been a good frugal few weeks. Here are the things that we have done to save money:

- We filed our income taxes for free. I prepared them and we did not pay for turbo tax or any other software to file them.

- We aren't getting a huge refund which is what we aim for each year. We can make money investing our money rather than letting the government use it for free each year.

- We continue to use cold water for washing our laundry and then hang it to dry.

- I needed a keyboard since we seem to go through them around here quickly. Whether we pay $60. or $15. for them, they never last. So I purchased a Logitech for $9.94 at Super Walmart yesterday. I can type capital P's and ? marks now. Yeah! If I had ordered it from them online the same keyboard was $13.94. For a moment I did consider buying more than one since the price was so good. But I figured if I did that this keyboard would never break. Maybe I should have for cheap insurance. 

- We got the car washed to get the grime and salt off since the weather has been so nice. Spending a few dollars in the winter for car washes keeps the rust away. Your car is a huge investment of money so take good care of it and it will last you a long time.

- I was really tired one evening so we ignored the menu plan for that evening and got take out - submarines from Subway and paid with a gift card. 

- I shampooed two bedrooms of carpeting with our own carpet shampooer. We have owned this shampooer for almost 20 years and it still works beautifully. We don't pay for services or rentals to do this. 

- We are getting rid of the clutter little by little which will save us money, make us a little money selling some items, and give us peace of mind.

- I found a better price on my Skinny(sugar free) coffee syrups. I had been buying the small bottles that I showed you at Bed, Bath and Beyond with a coupon. My sister mentioned to me that Amazon carried the syrups. I was able to buy the really large bottles (25.4 oz) of Jordan's for far less than BBB. The bonus was that Amazon offered a $8.63 discount off $50. yesterday so I was able to get 5 bottles plus 2 bottle pumps for $44.12 shipped. They had many more flavors than I was able to find at my BBB so I will be trying raspberry. It will be at least a year before I will need to purchase any more. The pumps will make it easier to get just a couple of drops in a cup of coffee rather than trying to pour it. This works out to be a lot cheaper than buying flavored creamers.

- I received $40. in rebates in the mail.

- I filled our car up with gasoline getting $ .50 off a gallon and then paid the bill with a Visa Debit card that I got as a rebate.

- Instead of using the recumbent bike for exercise, I have been walking in the neighborhood while the weather has been so warm the past 10 days or so.

- We have been doing as little grocery shopping as possible and eating from our stockpile. 

So what have you been doing frugally to save some money? Please feel free to share with us by leaving a comment.

I will be enjoying my son and granddaughter for the
next three days. Their short visit is very precious to us so we will be spending every moment with them. I am excited for them to arrive. So I will be back on Monday. I hope you all have a great weekend.       

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Frustrated With Our Utility Bill

You all know that I will do anything possible to lower my electric and gas bill. We work so hard to keep it low and try to beat the dollar amount of the same month last year. I usually look at that bill and last month's bill also.

Having knowledge of the way rates work, I am well aware that they are based on supply and demand and that the utility company can pass on their costs to the consumer according to the company's tariffs. I also know that delivery charges are somewhat tied to supply charges.

So doing an analysis of our February 21, 2017 bill, the KWH used were 608 for electricity and 152 CCF's  of natural gas. The billed amount was a total of $ 221.94.

Comparing it to our January bill, we used 608 KWH of electricity and 150CCF's of natural gas.The billed amount was $ 210.13.

Both bills were for exactly 31 days. First,it's amazing to me that both bills were exactly 608 KWH's. We also used 2 CCF's of natural gas less than in January. However the February bill is $ 11.81 more than January's and it has been a much warmer month which affects the supply side.

So then I went back and took a look at the February 23, 2016 bill. We used 619 KWH of electricity and 162CCF's of natural gas. The bill was for 33 days and was $ 198.94. That is an increase year over year of exactly $ 23.00 for less KWH's and less CCF's and 2 less days than the same period last year. That is quite an increase. 

So looking further and comparing the two February bills I notice that both the delivery and supply charges are way up. So now I wonder why. I wonder if the company had a rate increase somewhere in the past year. I wonder if the meter man read wrong. So I pull out the readings that I took 2 days before the meter man read and his readings seem correct to me. I always read the meter every month especially in the winter because our meter man has been known to not read when he is supposed to and he submits an estimated bill. He tells the company he couldn't get to the meter because there was too much snow. 

So there is not much left for me to do but call the company this morning and ask them to explain to me the increases. I am hoping I can get a representative that can actually explain billings. Most of them don't know how when you ask them questions on each item. But eventually, I will get someone in the hierarchy to give me the answers.

But the bottom line here is that the bills are increasing immensely year over year so we need to do something to save even more. We don't get a $23.00 increase in our available retirement money monthly. 

I have shown you what we do to decrease our utility bills Here. Also Here and Here. 

However we are going to have to find some new ways such as eating more and more raw meals. Things that don't have to be cooked so that no electricity or natural gas are used. We like salads alot and eat them often but we will have to up our consumption. I will also serve more platters of cheeses and pepperoni, black olives, etc. We will eat more eggs for meals that I can hard boil all at once and keep in the fridge. I will do much more cooking of bulk meals that we eat night after night. Cook once, eat three times maybe. 

Maybe we won't use our stove or oven at all this year from April to October. We can grill outside and have salads or a fresh vegetable platter with our meats. I already save on propane by grilling a large quantity of meat all at once and eating it during the week. 

We could also up the temperature in our refrigerator a couple of degrees and our freezer too but still keep them within safe standards.   

If I thought we would have an early spring so that we could turn the heat off earlier this year than last, I would be happy but I won't hold my breath. We have already been having a heatwave here but the utility bill doesn't reflect that. However it is going to get cold again on Friday night. 

We could sell our chest freezer and just use our freezer drawers that are in our refrigerator but then meat would cost us more because we couldn't bulk buy it on sale or be able to buy a 1/4 cow this Fall.

I will keep thinking all of the time about how we can beat the electric company and come up with some more new ways. I am just so frustrated with this increase.

If any of you know of things that I am not doing to lower my utility bills, would you please share them in the comments. I would appreciate your suggestions immensely. I would love hearing about how you do it.    

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Organization Over The Last Week

Our master bathroom and closet needed desperate weeding out. The first thing I did was the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. It was an achy day for me so I decided to start small and see if I had the energy to keep going. I did. We don't keep much in there except for pain killers, antacids, deodorant, eye stuff and cleaner for eye glasses, and ear eye stuff.

The rest is in our master bedroom closet on a shelf above. We have a very small vanity with 2 sinks and not enough drawer space or cabinet space. You can see my side below. Hubby does not want his personal things shown.

 Here is the rest of our bathroom except for the shower which you can only see the top.
There is nothing better than taking a soak in that tub after a day of working around here.

The rest of the master closet is above.And below. Hubby is the clothes horse in our home. His clothes take up one short wall and 3/4's of the long wall. Me, I am a minimalist. Mine are on one short wall and less than 1/4 of the long wall. I have to tell you that the blue bag is my Samantha Brown carry on for traveling and I love it. It is the best suitcase that I have ever had.
I always keep an extra thing of toilet paper and about 10 boxes of Kleenex in here so that we are not constantly running to the basement.
I also keep a couple of sets of extra towels, my blood pressure machine and my liquid soap. I try to keep all of our clothes sorted by item and color.I just got done throwing out things that I didn't like or that were very old and one even had developed a hole in it.

Our master bedroom I keep very minimalist too.
Just a place to throw my purse and our change. The box you see on the floor to the right of the dresser has my spring clothes in it. I want to sort through them before I wash them. I am hoping to get rid of some them also. Then I will pack up my winter clothes into the same box and store them in the basement. 

My nightstand has just the necessities which are a lamp, my electric blanket controller, the telephone. tissues and my reading material. Of course, I take my water where ever I go in the house.

This is our chair to relax and read. It has a tall lamp behind it. Usually the 4 window shades are up but it is hard to take a picture when the sun is our bright. Hence they are drawn. We also have a California King size sleep number bed, two large dressers and another end table in this room. It is a very large room. 

Now back to the kitchen. This cupboard now holds my pyrex and corningware, some baking pans, and my garbage bowl and a couple of other bowls inside of it. Everything is neat and easy to use. This cupboard is near the oven.

My pots and collection of frypans are large. This is the only cupboard with the exception of my corner cabinet turntable that they will fit in. I have to stack the frypans so I put cardboard in between each of them. The drawer pulls out so it is easier than it looks to get one. As out stash of condiments goes down in the turntable cupboard, I may switch them into that so that I don't have to stack. 

I love my breadbox. I used to keep my bread in the pantry. However Hubby does not like it there. He wanted it on the counter where it was handy to get at for breakfasts and lunches. Men! That corner of the kitchen was always a mess. So I purchased this breadbox to hide it in. I am looking for a better utensil holder too. I haven't found one that I like yet. 

I keep my oils and spoon rest on a turntable next to the stove. I have brown oil containers too so I am going to switch them once the oil is gone in the yellow ones. The mustard containers clash with the yellow utensils. I like the pop of yellow of the utensils so they are staying.  

I keep my soaps and countertop cleaner on a tray next to the sink along with my jar of dishwasher tabs so that they are always handy. 

And this is where I write my blog posts to you every day. 

I would show you the rest of the kitchen but it is in a prior post so I would just be repeating myself. 

Besides doing all of this and posting I have been really busy getting ready for my family to visit. I had lots of errands to run, a list to make of things to do when they come. I also have been baking, washing and hanging laundry, going to appointments, and planning a Sunday breakfast for the entire family minus the two daughter in laws.  The one who lives closer has her brother visiting at the same time as my family is here.

After my family goes home, I will get back to organizing. I had to stop to do other things.

I hope you all have a terrific day! Talk to you again tomorrow.

Monday, February 20, 2017

My Menu This Week

Now the p won't capitalize. I have to make it a priority to get a new keyboard this week. It is driving me crazy.

Here is what we will be eating this week and it does  not include yesterday. We had no leftovers to eat for Sunday dinner since they got eaten for lunches. 

Sunday - Meatloaf, baked potatoes, green beans

Monday - Homemade pizza, salad

Tuesday - Chicken piccata, broccoli

Wednesday - Leftovers

Thursday - Baked haddock, tossed salad

Friday - To Be Determined

Saturday - Spaghetti and meatballs, salad and garlic bread

As you can see, our menu is simple and uncomplicated. Hubby loves his Mom's meatloaf recipe so I make it for him once in a while. I have always hated meatloaf but can tolerate her recipe.

I think the pizza will be half and half this week. Hubby's pieces will be pepperoni and mine will have veggies.

I am hoping that Hubby will make his Lemon piccata if I ask. It is so delicious.  

I try to have fish as much as we can since it is so healthy.

Friday is to be determined because my granddaughter and son are arriving for a visit from Eastern New York. We haven't see them in 4 months. I was so excited when my son e-mailed me last Friday and told me they were coming out for a short visit. They will arrive on Friday morning, so I will ask them what they would like for dinner. We are so looking forward to a wonderful weekend with them. My granddaughter believes that she is now as tall as me or taller and she can't wait to see. Me too.

Saturday is because everyone loves spaghetti and meatballs. It is easy for me so that I can spend more time with my family.

So I will be taking this Friday to spend time with my family. There will be no post that day. I will post today through Thursday.

The rest of this week, I will continue organizing and get ready for my family to arrive.  I am so excited but just wish that my DIL could come. But alas, she has a shower to go to on Saturday which makes that impossible. We will miss her. 

Did you menu plan for this week or not. Sorry no question mark.

Friday, February 17, 2017


Before I talk about hoarding, I am sorry that I didn't post the last two days. The taxes turned into a day and half adventure. And then yesterday afternoon, I spent 3 and 1/2 hours at the dentist having my crowns and bridge permanently put in. What an ordeal that was and today I feel like someone beat me up. I also woke up with a slight fever this morning which I am sure is a result of all of that dental work yesterday. After the dentist I had one errand to run. By the time I was on the road coming home it was 6pm. I was in no mood to come home and start dinner at that late time so I stopped and picked up submarines with my Subway gift card. After we ate, I went to bed. I was beat!

Now let us get on to the subject of hoarding. I am sure you have all seen the show on TV about hoarding. That show makes me cringe. Because every time I see it or think about it, I think of my stockpile. Having almost a years worth of food makes me wonder if I shopped for the sake of getting a great sale or to actually stockpile what we need in case of an emergency. Then I ask myself how long would that emergency last.

A snowstorm with a power outage could be 2 weeks or more here in the Northeast. A severe earthquake, flood, or other weather catastrophe could last even longer. And then of course, there is always the chance of a foreign country taking down our power grid, a war, the economy collapsing or some other horrible thing that could happen that would take our country a year or more to recover from if ever. These things a lot of preppers prepare for because they want to be prepared for the worst. All of these reasons are valid so people prepare. But I wonder when it turns into an obsession or crosses the line into hoarding.

As I organize my home, I am looking at each and every item with renewed interest. I ask myself does it serve a purpose, have I used it in the past 6 months, is it a duplicate, is it a thing of beauty in my home and do I love it. If any of these questions I answer with a no, the item is either thrown out or donated.

I have found so many pictures from back when the kids were growing up. They are fading so I have asked Hubby to scan them all into the computer and make sure to back them up. We would not want to lose them. I also want to save what is left of them so that they don't deteriorate any further. But we don't need to keep the paper copy.

As I was doing our Federal and State taxes, I had to look for last year's taxes for certain information. While down in the basement looking for the file box they are in, I noticed that we have all of our tax returns and back up information since the year 2000. Now as an accountant I know that it is not necessary to keep them that long. Seven years will suffice. So that is a new project for me to do when I get to organizing the basement.

I am sure that you all have things that you hang onto for sentimental reasons. Something someone gave you that you hated but you don't want to get rid of it because of the person who gave it to you. My Mom is no longer with us but over the last few years of her life she was into making ceramics. She made many of them for us and she was so proud to give them to us. The very last one she made for us was a cactus because we were moving to Arizona. I loved that cactus both because it was beautiful and because she made it for us. Since we have moved back to the Northeast, my decor has changed and I had no place for it. I hung onto it and hung onto it. Then I realized that I was hanging onto the memory so I didn't need the item. I took a picture to store in our computer and then donated it. I have done this with many an item over the years. It's the occasion or memory that I need to keep not the physical object.

How many of us have gift closets and we just keep adding to them. We buy things when they are on clearance or a great sale and then never seem to find the right occasion or person to gift them to. Clean them out and donate what you haven't used for years because you probably won't ever use them. Then vow to never buy something again just in case. Always purchase something that you know the giftee wants and will love. In other words, attach a name to that purchase whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, or another occasion. 

Now back to my food stockpile. Do I really need a year's worth of food or not. It is all starting to look like a lot of clutter to me. Sure I will keep rice, dry beans, flour, oatmeal and water in quantity in case we need to eat. But do I need cans and cans of things especially since we are now mostly eating from scratch. The answer is a resounding no. The only cans that I really need to keep are vegetables, fruits, and some protein like tuna, chicken or turkey to get us through the winter and/or in case of a catastrophe. So we have been and will continue to eat it up which will also save us money on our grocery bills over the next few months. We are also eating down our freezers to not only make room for a 1/4 cow next fall but so that we can freeze some fruits and veggies when they are in season.

As organized as I am, there are areas that I can do better. And I am working on that. I don't want to end up being a hoarder. I don't want my children to have to rent a dumpster to shuck all of the crap out the door when we have passed on. That is my worst nightmare.

Sometimes I think that I am the only person who has this dilemma. Let me know if you struggle with any of this too.

We have always kept our finances pretty organized so that is not an issue. But bringing clutter into the house is. 

I have not asked you to respond to any questions yet and that is because I can't type a question mark on my computer keyboard. Hubby has looked at the problem and he says that it isn't my keyboard because the slash mark works and the cap lock works for other letters and punctuation. If anyone knows what could be causing this let me know. It is getting very annoying. I am tempted to go buy a new keyboard and just see if it corrects the problem. I can always return it if it doesn't.

So please let me know in comments if you struggle with any of this or am I the only one. I hope all of you have a great weekend. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Grocery Shopping Haul

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I hope you are having a great one!

Today I needed to go to the grocery store. It had been a while and our list was getting long.

This is what I purchased at Top's:

1 Extra Large Bag of Cooked Shrimp - $12.99 - $4./1
Top's coupon = $ 8.99

1 Harvestland Organic Whole Chicken on sale for $ 2.49 a lb. = $ 13.62 - $2./10. Tops Organic Coupon = $ 11.62

1 Bush's Chili Beans - $ 1.49 - $ .75/1 doubled = Free

8 oz. Pecan Halves and Pieces = $ 6.49

4 Pkgs. of Breakfast Sausage - $ 3.50 each = $ 14.00

5 pkgs. of Strawberries on B2G3F = $ 9.98 for all

1 bag of Birds Eye Sugar Snap Peas - $ 2.29

1 bag of Birds Eye Pearl Onions - $ 2.00

1 bag of Birds Eye Stir Fry Veggies (red, orange, green peppers and onions) = $ 2.00

Total OOP was $ 57.37.

This is the best price in our area that I have found on shrimp so I jumped right on that coupon.

I have been replacing poultry as we run out with organic poultry when I see it on sale. The beans were free and will get used in soup. Hubby is going to make Waldorf salad tommorrow so we needed pecans.

I buy the breakfast sausage whenever it goes on sale to replenish my Sunday morning company supply.

Hubby loves strawberries so they don't last long around here. This deal was too good to pass up.

I was out of the peppers that I froze last summer so these will have to suffice until we get local peppers here this summer. Hubby loves the pearl onions so I will surprise him one night. I love snap peas so I couldn't resist.

I doubt that I will go shopping for another 10 days or so. We are pretty much eating from the stockpile.

Since Hubby remembered that it was Valentine's Day this morning, I decided to get take out for lunch and surprise him. He thinks this is a treat because I don't get it very often. I had a coupon for Burger King for 2 Whopper Jr. sandwiches and 2 small fries for $ 3.99 so with tax it was $ 4.31. Of course I paid for it with one of the gift cards that I purchased on the Dollar General Deal last Fall. 

I will be putting my accountant hat on tomorrow. We finally got the last of our investment and other statements for taxes today. Our taxes are pretty complicated so I will be taking tomorrow off from posting to work on them.

Monday, February 13, 2017

This Week's Menu Plan + A Little of This and a Little of That

We did not leave our home this weekend. We had an ice storm Saturday night into Sunday morning. Then it turned to rain, back to freezing rain, and then to snow. We woke up this morning to a couple of inches of white everywhere. There is more on the way this week.

When you are older, your worst nightmare is falling on the ice. So we don't even take the risk. My sister contacted me on Saturday to let me know that my brother-in law had fallen on the ice in their driveway and fractured his knee cap. He will mend but it will be slow. After his accident and Sluggy's Hubs accident, I think I will stay put whenever there is bad weather.
Being retired, we have the privilege of waiting storms out and going out to run errands on weather free days. That is part of the freedom that we have enjoyed all of these years.

However that said, my son drove 90 miles each way to bring my grandson to his swimming lesson and for breakfast here. He does this every Sunday and weather does not seem to bother him. I was a little worried but they got here and home just fine.

Since my son is on a special diet and only eats protein foods and vegetables, we have been having one big breakfast every Sunday consisting of lots of eggs and either ham, sausage or bacon. We are all happy with this menu and it makes it easy for me because I always know what I need to shop for. Hubby and my grandson also have some juice. 

However this weekend, I decided to try something different. I wanted to see if my grandson would like biscuits. I asked my son and he said he would think that he would. So I made homemade biscuits for breakfast too. My grandson loved them and gobbled down 4 of them warm spread with butter. I forgot to take a picture and there are none left. Sorry!

Last Sunday, my grandson took the top off our cookie jar and there were no cookies. The look on his face was such disappointment. So after breakfast yesterday, he and I made Toll House chocolate chip cookies and filled up the cookie jar. He had some warm cookies and I sent him home with a container full of them to enjoy this week. My above pictured cookie jar was full yesterday. I think Hubby has been enjoying them. I try to stay away from them but I did eat two yesterday and they were so good.

Because there is a sloppy mess out today, we are again going to nest. I will continue organizing in my kitchen. It is getting done slow but sure. I think I will work on my serving dish cupboard and my pots and pans cupboard. Our son brought us all of the Star Wars movies that are out. So I think Hubby and I will start at the beginning and watch one today. I can watch from my kitchen while I work. Our home is open concept so that makes it very easy. It is a movie watching kind of day.

I planned our menu for the week yesterday:

Sunday: Tomato soup with onions, spices, and tiny macaroni. I was not hungry so Hubby made this favorite that he likes.

Monday:  Baked haddock, broccoli and pears for dessert

Tuesday: Pork chops, pineapple slices, and green beans

Wednesday:  Pork stir fry with peppers and onions and orange sauce on rice

Thursday:  Pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup

Friday:  Homemade pizza; veggies for me and pepperoni for Hubby, tossed salad.

Saturday: Beef stew in the crockpot with potatoes, onions, carrots, and celery

Sunday:  Leftover smorgasboard

I am hoping that the roads are okay tomorrow because I need to go grocery shopping for a few items.

Did you make your menu this week? If you care to share, leave it in the comments.

I am signing out to go and get some organizing done. I hope you all have a great day!